PXE Windows Image Using Linux

Here are a few tips to help you create you Windows image using WIUL.

  • When you are creating your Windows image install Windows in to a small partition under 10GB if possible. This will allow you to use the Master Boot Record (MBR) that comes in the WIUL client.
  • Defragment the drive a few times before you image it. If you are using Windows XP then use the built in defragment tool under disk management.
  • You should always use the sysprep tool if you are going to be imaging multiple machines in a Windows domain.
  • Create a list of images on the partimaged server and place them in a file called image.lst. Place this file into the root of your tftp server and create a host in DNS called pxeboot to point at your tftp server.
  • If the WIUL client is having problems hit CTRL + ALT + F2 to switch to another console, login as root (password partimage). If you have run through the menu you should find scripts in /usr/local/sbin/wiul-custom. run them manually in the order that they appear in the wiul.sh script to see where things are going wrong.
  • Want to modify the client? the quickest and easiest thing to do is to gunzip the ramdisk;

    gunzip wiul-0.3.img.gz

    then mount the image (make sure the dir /mnt/tmp exists);

    mount wiul-0.3.img /mnt/tmp/ -t ext2 -o loop

    cd into /mnt/tmp and make what ever changes you want. Once you are done unmount it;

    umount /mnt/tmp

    then compress up the image again;

    gzip -c9 wiul-0.3.img > wiul-0.3.img.gz